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Achilles' heel

Achilles’ heel





Номер 1, щось найкраще

The play station portable was labeled A1 in certain juvenile environments.

Above board

Нелегально, нечесно

Maggie did many things in her life above board but since her son’s death she has become a righteous citizen.

Accident waiting to happen

Міна сповільненої дії

He would rather stay away from you; you are just like an accident waiting to happen.

Ace up your sleeve

Козир/туз у рукаві

If anything was going wrong Mike and Janet always seemed to have ace up their sleeves.

Achilles’ heel

Ахіллесова п’ята, слабке місце

Chemistry has always been his Achilles’ heel, maybe because of not experienced teachers.

Add fuel to the fire

Лити масло у вогонь

By saying that John is not particularly skillful at his study you add fuel to the fire.

After your own heart

Споріднена душа

There is a special bond between them and he has always been a man after her own heart.

Against all odds

Незважаючи на всякі негаразди

Daniel decided to try his luck again against all odds.

Against the grain

Проти шерсті

His sister is not going to go against the grain. Her personal beliefs are important but not as much to generate hatred.

Agony aunt

Людина в газеті, котра відповідає на незручні запитання

Mary worked for the local magazine as an agony aunt solving people’s problems day by day.

Agony column

Відділ в газеті, де публікують поради

Tom’s problem which his wife find in the agony column seem pretty strange to her.

Ahead of the pack

На голову вище, попереду

The swimmer was much ahead of his pack and for the next 10 sec nobody had a chance to approach him closer than 2 m.

Albatross around your neck

Проблема, котра гальмує чийсь успіх

Your employees are like an albatross around your neck. Can’t you see that they have been impeding you from carrying out your tasks successfully for almost two years?

All along

Від самого початку

They were observing us all along to find out how much money we could have.

All is well that ends well

Все те добре, що добре закінчується

Bob damaged the car but the insurance company paid him twice as much. As he say all is well that ends well.

All of a sudden

Несподівано, раптом

All of a sudden a bolt of lightning struck the tree and burnt it down.

All over the place

Повсюди, скрізь

The children’s toys were scattered all over the house.

All over the world

По всьому світу

It is possible to travel all over the world in less the 60 days now.

All set

Все готово

All set, he is just waiting for us to come and evaluate how he did.

All skin and bone

“Шкіра та кістки”, дуже худа людина

Kate is all skin and bones.

All year round

Цілий рік

Emily wears that weird black hat all year round.

And last but not the least

І останнє, але не менш важливе

And last but not the least, don’t forget to call me before you leave.

Armchair critic

Критикувати та роздавати поради, але самому не слідувати їм

Ann is a type of an armchair critic that points your every mistake.

Armed to the teeth

Озброєний до зубів

Armed to the teeth troops capture few hostages.

As a matter of fact

Чесно кажучи, насправді

As a matter of fact Ben saw her passing by the horse.

as a rule

Як правило, зазвичай

As a rule Maggie never talk to strangers.

As deaf as a post

Глухий, як пень

Tom will not hear you because he is as deaf as a post.

As dull as ditchwater

Нудний, нецікавий

Her lectures were as dull as ditchwater, so most of the students simply fell asleep.

As fresh as a daisy

Добре (свіжо) виглядати та почувати себе

How does she do this that she always looks as fresh as a daisy!

As hard as nails

Байдужий, бездушний, безсердечний

All the family mourned after the mother’s death but John turned out to be as hard as nails.

As poor as a church mouse

Бідний, як церковна миша

I don’t expect him to pay me much; he is as poor as a church mouse.

As sick as a dog

Дуже хворий

Having drunk that yesterday’s juice Lana was as sick as a dog.

As stubborn as a mule

Впертий, як віслюк

You never do what she tells you to do because you are as stubborn as a mule.

Ask for trouble

Напрошуватись на неприємності

Walking this street is like asking for trouble.

At all costs

Будь-якою ціною

At all costs Stan must pass the final exam.

At arm’s length

На відстані витягнутої руки

After his brother’s death he kept people at arm’s length.

At cross purposes

Не розуміти один одного

Her vision is so different from yours, so you seem to have talked at cross purposes.

At death’s door

При смерті, на краю гибелі

He admitted doing many crimes at death’s door.

At each other’s throats

Наступити собі на горло

Sister told me about two women with their hands around each other’s throats.

At first sight

На перший погляд

At first sight he seemed cleverer than he really was.

At heart

В глибині душі

At heart she always believed that good job for her do exist.

At large

На волі

Many prisoners escaped last week and 3 of them are now at large.

At random


In a burning house she picked things at random, because there was no time to take all of them.

At sb’s expense

За чужий рахунок

Andrew was having a great time in a theatre at his friends’ expense.

At short notice

В останній момент

He managed to deliver the flowers at short notice.

At the crack of dawn

На світанку

These lover boys often came back home at the crack of dawn.

At the eleventh hour

В останню хвилину

Why does she always do her home task at the eleventh hour? People who are often late can’t be respected.

At the end of your tether

В кінці

All his problems caused him to be at the end of his tether. He almost got to the lunatic asylum.

At the top of your voice

На весь голос

At the top of his voice Stan announced that he is going to be married.

At times

Часом, інколи

We visit our parents-in-law at times.

At your fingertips

На кінчику пальця

This kind of job means that a man is supposed to have at his fingertips such power that will allow to make all decisions quickly.

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