Англійські ідіоми на букву B (English idioms)

Наступними в колекції «Ідіоми в англійській мові (English idioms)» є англійські ідіоми, які починаються на літеру «B». 

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baby boomer Людина, котра народилась в період демографічного вибуху People born after the II World War are called baby boomers.
baby in the woods Безпорадний, як дитина When it comes to taxes Kate is a baby in the woods. She can’t carry out even a simple calculation.
back burner Другорядна проблема When he overcome his major problem he definitely will take care of the back burners.
a backseat driver Пасажир, який постійно вказує на помилки водія Mike will never drive your car again with you on the board, you are what we call a backseat driver.
back to the drawing board Почати з початку Because of the wrong system of control all students are supposed to write the math test again which means being sent back to the drawing board.
a bad patch Смуга невдач Thomson is currently going through a horrible period, a real bad patch.
bald as a coot Повністю лисий When we met Jacobson for the first time he was getting old. He is as bald as a coot now.
ball is in your court Ваша черга Mandy has done what she could. The ball is in your court right now. So show her what you can do!
barfly Людина, яка бігає від бару до бару Tom behaved like a barfly who did nothing else but running from one bar to another.
bark up the wrong tree Сперечатись з кимось, не маючи рації; бути неправим Lee is afraid that we are barking up the wrong tree. It is not he who us should be talking to.
be a big shot Бути великою шишкою In these environments Denis was seen as a real big shot.
be a bit rusty Заржавілий Your Polish has got a bit rusty and it is taking a while for you to be in shape again.
be a foregone conclusion Бути вирішеним наперед The victory of this swimmer was a foregone conclusion and most of the wagers were bet on her.
be a must Бути обов’язковим For genuine catholics a Sunday mass is a must.
be a wet blanket Псувати настрій Tamara tried very much to improve husband’s mood today, but he have been such a wet blanket.
be after sb’s own heart Бути з кимось однодумцем Maggie was after our own heart. We always agree with her.
be all ears Дуже уважно слухати Does your sister want to hear what happened in her school yesterday? Oh yes, she is all ears!
be all fingers and thumbs Незграбний; коли все падає з рук Do you know that Lana is all fingers and thumbs? She can’t even cook a simple soup.
be as sober as a judge Повністю тверезий Even after five beers her father was as sober as a judge.
be at odds over something Мати інші погляди; не погоджуватись з чимось Matthew and his brother are at odds over the development of his career and the way of life at all.
be at one’s best Бути в найкращій формі For the next test of chemistry Lucy promised herself to be at her best.
be at one’s wits’ end Зайти в глухий кут Tom was at his wits’ end when he heard that the tsunami was in the Eastern California where his sister lives.
be back on sb’s feet Стати на ноги (після хвороби) Brady was very ill, but he is back on his feet now.
be behind the times Бути старомодним; не цікавитись сучасними тенденціями Lisa is slightly behind the times with her way of dressing and dancing.
be broke Бути банкрутом; бути без грошей She is afraid she can’t lend him any money; she is totally broke.
be down in the dumps Бути в депресії; мати поганий настрій Things haven’t been going so well for Lida at work and she is feeling a bit down in the dumps.
be head over heels Бути закоханим по вуха Max’s head over heels for Janny. He’s crazy about her.
be in a rut Потрапити в рутину After thirty years in the same job and in the same house, Bob was in a rut.
be in force Мати силу; зобов’язувати These laws about etiquette in our corporation will be in force in the next week.
be in high spirits Бути в гарному настрої Students passed their exams and they were in high spirits all evening.
be in shape Бути в формі If Johnson wants to beat me he have to be in shape again.
be in somebody’s shoes Бути на чиємусь місці We don’t want to be in your shoes when your boyfriend finds out that you have cheated him.
be in the air Вилами по воді написано All her plans concerning how much she intend to do, appear to be usually in the air.
be in the know Бути в курсі справ Ask Maggie about weather and global warming at all. She is in the know.
be in the pay of sb Бути у когось на секретній службі During the Second World War many people officially working for the US were in the pay of different governments.
be in the pink of health Бути здоровим It was a real miracle when after a fight with cancer, she was back in the pink of health.
be in the red Бути боржником; мати заборгованість He may not be aware, but his wife’s company is already in the red.
be in the right Бути правим Tom, Stefanie was in the right, so you have to apologize.
be in the same boat Бути в тій самій (зазвичай поганій) ситуації You are in the same boat, you have lost your job and you are running out of money.
be in two minds about sth Вагатися Ben is in two minds about buying the expensive car. Do you think he really need it?
be into something Бути чимось зацікавленим Don’t ask him about it – he is not into it at all.
be killing sb Щось завдає страждання Learning the theory of Economic is killing me. I really hate it!
be left stranded Сам на сам з проблемами We were left stranded with the work in our office while all the managers went down to cafe to have a lunch.
be loaded Напитись; бути п’яним Look at this ship! Its owners must be pretty loaded.
be not much of a … Бути недостатньо хорошим  … (в чомусь) Harry is not much of a driver, I’m afraid.
be on everyone’s lips Бути в усіх на вустах Since Klitschko won the contest with Chris Byrd he is on everyone’s lips.
be on the air Бути в ефірі Don’t sing now, you will be on the air in five seconds!
be on the crest of a wave Бути на гребні хвилі; процвітати Jack is on the crest of a wave at present and everyone loves him.
be on top of the world Бути надзвичайно щасливим If she won the lottery she would be on the top of the world!
be out of one’s mind Бути не в своєму розумі Jack must be out of his mind to want to divorce with such a handsome, kind and smart woman.
be out of order Вийти з ладу, не працювати A very common inscription stuck to telephones all over our country is out of order.
be quits with someone Бути з кимось квитами; поквитатись She doesn’t have to give you back the money, you are already quits.
be rolling in money Мати багато грошей Vitali can afford anything because he is rolling in money.
be under the illusion Обманювати самого себе My husband is under illusion that he will pass this exam without even looking into the book.
be well off Бути заможнім; мати засоби (гроші) Katy’s boyfriend is fairly well off. He can afford everything.
be worlds apart Дуже відрізнятись They have always been different and still seems to be worlds apart from each other.
bear fruit Приносити плоди (користь, результат) Your hard labour will bear fruit one day and we will be proud of yourself.
bear something in mind Пам’ятати про щось We should bear in mind the fact that he is not the only clever boy in this world.
beat a dead horse Витрачати час на завдання, яке ніколи не буде успішним; гаяти марно час Trying to arouse the government from the apathy on the issue, can be like trying to flog a dead horse.
beat around/about the bush Уникати безпосереднього обговорення питання; говорити манівцями Please, get to the point, because I don’t like when someone beat around the bushes.
beat it Забирайся; йди геть Sam told him to beat it but it only irritated him and he attacked him more fiercely.
beat somebody black and blue Дуже побити когось He was a really bad father beating his sons black and blue even for minor act of disobedience.
beauty is only skin deep Внутрішня краса If you are going to date a beauty queen, just remember that real beauty is only skin deep.
bedroom eyes Спокусливий погляд It must be her personal charm that every time he is round her he makes those bedroom eyes of him.
before someone’s eyes На чиїхось очах He got under the bus right before her eyes. She will never forget it!
behind closed doors За закритими дверима; таємно The debates of the Government were held behind closed doors.
behind someone’s back За чиєюсь спиною Can you tell that he is always plotting behind people’s back?
believe in the hereafter Вірити в потойбічне життя We must admit that Peter is a very religious guy and he believes in the hereafter.
bend over backwards Віддавати все своє, щоб допомогти комусь Molly bent over backwards to help her brother and the effort paid off.
beside the point Щось неважливе It is rather beside the point if your mother stays here three days longer.
best thing since sliced bread Безумовно, це найкраща річ, яка коли-небуть існувала («це найкраща річ після нарізаного хліба») Do you agree that the invention of Internet is the best thing since sliced bread?
beyond a shadow of a doubt Без тіні сумніву Tom can be classified as the best of fighter in this tournament beyond the shadow of doubt.
beyond belief Неможливе, неймовірне These new engines improves performance of the cars beyond belief.
beyond someone’s ken Незрозуміле для когось It is beyond my ken how quickly Bob recovered after his wife’s death.
big bucks Великі гроші She makes big bucks in scientific entertainment industry.
big hitter Хтось важливий в своїй сфері Linda is a big hitter in math. Many respected teachers turn to her for advice.
big-head Зарозуміла людина People who earn a lot of money are often such big-heads.
birds and the bees Факти з інтимного життя (особливо, коли потрібно це пояснити дітям) Your mom has already told you about birds and bees, doesn’t she?
bird’s eye view З пташиного польоту; загальна перспектива It’s birds eye view of our building. The picture is taken by radio controlled airplane.
bit much Занадто We think it’s a bit much to expect them to play five matches in two days.
bite off more than you can chew Відкусити більше, ніж можна пережувати This is not very smart move and you are trying to bite off more than you can chew. Don’t you know that they cannot sell cigarettes to those under age?
bite the dust Бути переможеним Another platoon bit the dust when it tried to take the fourth bunker.
bite the hand that feeds you Кусати руку, яка тебе годує Are they insane? We would never tell such things to our boss. It would be like biting the hand that feeds you!
bitter end Гіркий кінець It was a bitter end for him but it was not the end at all. Now he can spend more time with his children.
black look Недружній, злий погляд Your rival gave you a black look when you saw yesterday evening.
blind date Побачення з незнайомою людиною We can’t imagine women who go on a blind date. We think they must be very lonely.
blow below the belt Удар нижче поясу Monika’s refusal was like a blow below the belt, after all good things you had done to her.
blow off steam Випустити пар; дати вихід почуттям After eight years of hard work Teo blew off steam in front of his boss yesterday.
blow the whistle on someone Присікти чиїсь дії It is time now to blow the whistle on Bob’s deceitful practices or his company will go bankrupt.
blow your own trumpet Хвалити самого себе Den usually blows his own trumpet about how good he is at jumping.
blow your stack/top Забратись Why did you blow your stack when Charlie said he was going to invite you?
blue movie Фільм порнографічного змісту You cannot watch blue movies if you are under 18 because there are explicit sexual scenes in it.
blue-eyed boy Улюбленець Unfortunately it is my younger friend that has always been the teacher’s blue-eyed boy.
bone of contention “Яблуко розбрату” The decision about who had to rule in this company has always been a bone of contention.
brand new Новенький; “з голочки” Thomas buys only brand new products but he can afford it.
break the back of something Зламати чийсь опір After nine unfortunate years the Smiths have finally managed to break the back of their problems.
break the ice Розтопити (зламати) лід; зробити перший крок; прокласти початок We can break the ice by inviting him for a walk in the centre of our city.
break the news to sb Повідомити комусь прикру новину Doctor broke the news to Mr. Woobs that his wife didn’t survive the operation.
bring a knife to a gunfight Не бути готовим до битви Lee wanted to pass an exam of literature but when he saw the test he realized that he brought a knife to a gunfight.
bring sth to light Виявити якусь інформацію; пролити світло на факти When Mia’s past was examined, her several wrongdoings were brought to light.
broad strokes Накидати план These are only broad strokes of how your plane is going to look like when it is done.
brownie points Прихильність This teacher should earn you some brownie points what may appear very useful in our times.
brush up Покращити, відшліфувати (навики, вміння, кваліфікації) Clara will need to brush up her French before she goes on holidays.
budding scientist Багатообіцяючий вчений Each year we get scholarship and many people describe us as a budding scientists.
bull in a china shop Нездара; слон в посудній лавці Mark always behaves like a bull in china shop. Not only that he broke our dear vase, he also often wake everyone up.
bundle of nerves Клубок нервів When we had another baby, all of the sudden we became a bundle of nerves.
burn rubber На повну If his car has near 300 horses he can easily burn rubber.
burn the candle at both ends Нерозумно витрачати сили, енергію A sensible swimmers must never burn the candle at both ends. If they do so they should expect lack of progress in the future.
burn the midnight oil Працювати/вчитись до пізньої ночі They hate burning the midnight oil but If they were a more diligent students they wouldn’t have to be sitting up late now.
burst out laughing Вибухати сміхом When he told Jim about his funny adventure he burst out laughing.
bury a hatchet Закопати сокиру війни; помиритись When the two sworn enemies have buried a hatchet, the peace has been restored to the land.
busted flush Дрантя Mandy tried as he could but the whole performance turned out to be just a busted flush.
buzz off «Відвали» Buzz off us, we don’t have time for you right now.
by a hair’s breadth Зовсім небагато Ken was saved from the strong wind by a hair’s breadth.
by all means За будь-яку ціну Tom has to be stopped by all means.
by courtesy of З люб’язного дозволу The information was distributed by the courtesy of the workers.
by profession За професією Samantha is a musician by profession.
by the book Як в книжчі написано Our boss wants that everything in his company was done by the book.
by the skin of your teeth Заледве We managed to save her life by the skin of her teeth. A huge rock almost fell on her!
by trial and error Методом проб і помилок By trial and error I eventually became an expert in the field, but it had taken me three years.

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