Англійські ідіоми на букву C (English idioms)

В даній статті наведені Ідіоми в англійській мові (English idioms), які починаються на букву «C».

cut the apron strings_liuro

cut the apron strings




call a spade a spade

Називати речі своїми іменами, говорити відкрито

Maggie must report the facts. She is not afraid to call a spade a spade.

call it a day

Завершити справу, зупинитись

Why doesn’t he call it a day?

call someone names

Викликати когось

Tom was calling us names because he disagreed with something we had said before.

cannot make head or tail of something

Не можна зрозуміти

If the owners of this ship finally return they won’t make head or tail of the situation. The total amount of money they were given is far different from what they have expected it will be.

can’t hold a candle to someone

Не порівняти (про щось гірше)

To be truthful Bob really can’t hold a candle to Sara. Just compare his achievements to her.

carry the can

Взяти на себе вину/відповідальність

Mike broke the glass but it Morris was one who has carried the can.

catch sb in the act

Впіймати (зловити) когось на гарячому

The thief’s first rule is “to never get caught in the act”.

catch sb red-handed

Впіймати (зловити) когось на гарячому

The thief was caught red-handed when he tried to steal the purse in young woman.

chalk and cheese

Абсолютно різні (не схожі між собою)

Your children are as similar to each other as chalk and cheese. They have different eyes, noses, hear and even lips.

change a fly into an elephant

Робити з мухи слона, перебільшувати

Please, don’t even try to change a fly into an elephant, everything will be all right!

change hands

Переходити з рук в руки, змінювати власників

If you leave your car without protection near this bar, don’t be surprised if it changes hands soon.

chase the dragon

Курити опіум/героїн

When the police enter the room, they will find five boys chasing the dragon there.

chew something over


We shouldn’t rush our daughters, they need to chew this info over.

chicken out

Відмовитися через відсутність мужності

Her friends wanted to cross this river but suddenly they chickened out.

choose a soft option

Вибрати легший варіант, піти простішою дорогою

Bernard always tries choosing a soft option whenever possible.

clutch at straws

Хапатися за соломинку (намагатися використати будь-яку можливість/шанс)

Of course you must know that in act of desperation many women are capable of clutching at straws.

cold fish

Бездушна людина

Hug me Ann, you have not to be such a cold fish!

come clean

Казати правду, признатися

One of the biggest and most popular auction services in Ukraine has come clean recently that its protection is not satisfactory enough. But it didn’t influence its popularity yet.

come down to earth

Спуститись з хмар на землю (вернутись в реальність/реально оцінити стан речей)

Oh please, Mike, come down to earth and stop thinking that she will fall in love with you! Barbara is a super star, and you are just her fan.

come in handy

Бути доречним, стати у нагоді

For a professional thief everything seems to come in handy.

come to terms with something

Погодитися з чимось

After her son burial she couldn’t come to terms with her loss and had to be hospitalized for some time.

come true

Здійснюватись, ставати реальністю

Everyone wants his dreams would come true some day and it will be as soon as possible!

come what may

Будь, що буде (показує рішучість, коли хтось ризикує)

Come what may, Bob is taking the challenge his friend has forced upon him.

commit a blunder

Зробити помилку

Sometimes Alisha commits a blunder by doing something improper but she can’t help it.

cook the books

Фальсифікувати рахунки

In this “beautiful country” you cannot make a decent living unless you start cooking the books.

cost a bomb

Коштує дуже дорого

Of course, it’s a very luxury car but I am sure it must cost a bomb!

cost an arm and a leg

Коштує дуже дорого

This luxurious ship must have cost her an arm and a leg!

couch potato

Особа, котра проводить багато часу перед телевізором, постійно об’їдаючись

A lot of people think that Americans are a nation of typical couch potatoes.

counsel of despair

Акт відчаю

It was a counsel of despair on Molly’s part to own money from the mob.

crocodile tears

Нещирі сльози, лицемірні емоції

Is she trying to deceive us with her crocodile tears?

cross one’s mind

Прийти до голови, спало на думку

It never crossed his mind that his mother could be a singer.

cry for the moon

Хотіти зірки з неба

Wanting a Lamborghini is like crying for the moon. When will he grow up?

cry one’s eyes out

Дуже сильно плакати

Tim cried his eyes out when he finally understood that Monica didn’t love him anymore.

cry over spilt milk

Сумувати за невиправним

Joe, please stop crying over spilt milk. You must realize that what is done cannot be undone!

curiosity killed the cat

Цікавість до добра не доведе

Ben can never resist the temptation to talk with the strangers. As they always say “curiosity killed the cat”.

cut corners

Скорочувати шлях

They always find an excuse to cut corners. I hate such lazy people like them!

cut something/someone short

Зупинити, перервати

She wanted to explain the whole situation to us clearly but we cut her short.

cut the apron strings

Відірватись від маминої спідниці

If your son has not cut the apron strings by now, I think he never will.

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