Англійські ідіоми на букву G (English idioms)

Сьогодні пропонуємо розглянути Ідіоми в англійській мові (English idioms), що починаються на букву «G». 

green with envy!




gallows humor

Чорний гумор

My gallows humor accompanies me wherever I go.

get a line on someone / something

Дізнатись щось про когось / щось

Get a line on this girl, please. I wonder who she is.

get a move on

Рушати з місця, поспішати

Don’t get a move on! You have so much time!

get a word in edgeways

«Вставити 5 копійок», втрутитись у розмову

When she is relaxed her mouth never shuts. It is difficult to get a word in edgeways in such case.

get cold feet

«Душа пішла в п’яти», злякатись

They will be married on Sunday, if Jessy doesn’t get cold feet.

get hot under the collar

«Вийти з себе», розсердитись

Bonny got hot under the collar when his father accused him of cheating.

get lost


She doesn’t want to go with your brother on a date, get lost guys!

get off on the wrong foot

Невдало почати, зробити погане враження

When we started the business at the first time, it got off on the wrong foot, but after two years of depression good time has finally come.

get on like a house on fire

Швидко потоваришувати, знайти спільну мову

Mike and Bob get on like a house on fire. They have been best friends for ten years.

get on somebody’s nerves

Діяти комусь на нерви, дратувати

By dressing all in black Tom only gets on my nerves.

get out of hand

«Відбитися від рук», вийти з-під контролю

The situation in our country is getting out of hand. That is why many troops and machinery have to be sent to the East.

get out of my face

«Згинь з моїх очей», «геть від мене»

He has hurt me so many times that I want him to get out of my face right now!

get somebody wrong

Неправильно когось зрозуміти

Please, just don’t get me wrong! I do like Jack, but I still love Bobby.

get something off your chest

«Вилити душу», «скинути тягар з серця», розповісти щось

This problem can bother you for long time. Why don’t you get it off your chest? You will be relieved if you do it.

get something straight

Уточнити щось

Let’s get this straight. They are sure they didn’t see my wife with Brendon, is that right?

get stuffed

Відчепися, «йди до біса»

We tell them to get stuffed when we are fed up with them.

get the hang of something

Стати знавцем / добрим спеціалістом у чомусь, розбиратись у чомусь

Ben is getting the hang of it. He can write easy programs.

get the message

Вловити суть, зрозуміти

I told her to get lost for an hour but I don’t think she got the message.

get the sack

Бути звільненим (з роботи), вигнаним

Larry was too lazy for this work, so he got the sack.

get the short end of the stick

Погоріти на чомусь, бути обманутим, бути в чомусь обділеним

Unfortunately we have to get the short end of the stick at this moment. But we still believe that things will change as soon as possible.

get the wrong end of the stick

Неправильно зрозуміти

We are afraid that they have got the wrong end of the stick. Matthew is not our cousin.

get too big for your boots

Бути самовдоволеним, самовпевненим

Once Tina knew a boy who got too big for his boots and that’s why he was generally disliked.

get up on the wrong side of the bed

«Встати не з тієї ноги», бути в поганому гуморі (настрої)

Timmy got up on the wrong side of the bed; therefore he seems to be angry with everything and everyone around him.

get your teeth into something

Взятись за роботу (справу)

We all wish we can get our teeth into something that would bring us a lot of cash.

give somebody a big hand

Голосно аплодувати

All participants enjoyed your lecture. They gave you a big hand when you finished it!

give somebody five

«Дати 5», похвалити, схвалити

That is a great job! Give me five!

give somebody a ring

Подзвонити (зателефонувати) комусь

When she is on the spot give me a ring because I want to come.

give someone a buzz

Подзвонити (зателефонувати) комусь

When you’re ready just give me a buzz.

give someone a cold shoulder

Холодно ставитись до когось, холодно зустріти когось, демонстративно ігнорувати

Tom spent a lot of time in purgatory because most of his life he gave his son a cold shoulder.

give someone a hand

«Простягнути руку», допомогти комусь

Can you give me a hand with this home task? I’m not good at chemistry.

give the game away

Проговоритись,видати секрет; зіпсувати ефект

Things which you put where they don’t belong often give the game away.


Компроміс, обмін люб’язностями

If you want to keep your marriage strong and healthy you have to constantly inject give-and-take strategies into it.

gnash your teeth

Скреготати (скрипіти) зубами

Annabelle gnashed her teeth with anger because she didn’t get what she wanted.

go for a song

Нічого не коштує, йти за безцінь

He sold his motorbike for a song because he wanted to move out from here as quickly as possible.

go off on a tangent

Різко змінити тему, раптово відхилитись

I was a person who was easily upset by uncomfortable issues. But I quickly worked out strategy and went off on a tangent in such tough situations.

go off the air

Припинити передачу (зв’язок)

The most popular radio program went off the air because of the scandalous announcer.

go out on a limb


By acting like this he go out on a limb. Just remember that we are not going to support him if anything bad happens to him.

go round in circles

Топтатись на місці, ходити по колу

Is he going to go round in circles or finally to help me?

go straight to the point

Перейти відразу до суті

Be specific and go straight to the point!

go through the motions

Робити вигляд, прикидатись

Thomas was long going through the motions of going to college but it didn’t work out. Last Tuesday he was expelled from college for his absence.

go to bat for someone

Захищати, заступатись за когось, самовіддано допомагати

Personally I can see no reason why we should go to bat for Molly. If she is so much against going to work, why not to remove her?

go to pieces

«Розлітатись на куски», втрачати рівновагу / контроль

When we saw Bob walking with Penny we just went to pieces. We can’t understand how he could be unfaithful to us.

go to somebody’s head

Запаморочити голову

Fame and money went to her head and she left the country to become even more rich and famous.

go to the dogs

Розоритись, «котитись у прірву», «вилетіти в трубу»

His restaurant was going to the dogs; the food was awful and waiters lacked of good manners.

go to the wall

Потерпіти невдачу, збанкрутувати, розоритись

The unfair work of the candidates have led to the decrease in voting rates and also made many voters go to the wall.

go to waste

«Йти коту під хвіст», бути даремно витраченим

All your attempts to save these animals have gone to waste.

go up in smoke

Закінчитись нічим, лопнути як мильна бульбашка, розвіятись як дим

This research project was canceled, so five years of hard and long work went up in smoke.

gold rush

«Золота лихоманка», нестримне прагнення до збагачення

Nowadays Internet marketing seems to be comparable to the real gold rush in California in 1850.

good riddance to bad rubbish

«Баба з возу – коням легше», йди куди завгодно, забирайся

We saw you have departed with Bob and Dana. Well, good riddance to bad rubbish.

grasp the nettle

«Брати бика за роги», сміло (рішуче) братись за важку справу

The government managed to grasp the nettle of falling economy growing unemployment. The new reforms are very effective.

greasy spoon

Дешеве кафе / ресторан, «забігайлівка»

It is a greasy spoon if a man have to drink booze with thugs and eat cheap food.

green with envy

«Зелений від заздрощів»

They will be green with envy when they see your new car!

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