Read the following dialogue


“Have you had lunch?”


 “We could take our repast in a restaurant or there’s some soup.”


 They looked at each other and then she went to him and put her arms around him.

 “I’m sorry, Ron. But did you really tender your resignation? I mean, for goof?”

 “Yes. I’m going to be crowned with a success as an artist. A real artist.”


 “I thought I’d pursue my activity in my studio. Unless… I mean, is it of any inconvenience to you? You’ve always said that any time I wanted to – that you earn enough money for both of us.”

 “Of course. It isn’t that.”

 “Then what?”

 “It is of no consequence to me. But you always said you didn’t want me to support you, Ron.”

 “It would only be for a little while. I’m sure I can attain my purpose.”

 “I know you will.”


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