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This morning is there the risk of some showers near eastern coasts of East Anglia and across south east England. This should clear away to the east later this morning. A lot of cloud to come today across East Anglia, the East Midlands and south east England some sunshine develops later in the afternoon. Fog patches across northern England and the Borders area will disperse. Most of the United Kingdom will have a fine, dry day with lots of sunshine and just some patchy cloud. Expect highs of 15 to 20C north to south.



 In the evening more cloud comes into Northern Ireland with drizzle into the far north west of Scotland. Overnight the rain persists across western Scotland. The bulk of Britain will have a fine, dry evening and night with long clear spells. This will allow some mist and fog to develop across central and southern parts of England, but the fog will be blown away a gentle breeze. Expect lows generally down to 6 to 10C but down to 3 or 4C in the countryside giving a touch of frost.



 An increasingly windy day to come with chilly gales developing in the north and west for this evening and tonight. Outbreaks of rain will affect Scotland, Northern Ireland and western Wales. This turns heavy in the afternoon but remains light across Wales. The rest of England and Wales is set to remain dry with some sunshine in the east. The rain is expected to linger where it is through the evening and night though turns much lighter. Highs at 14 to 20C.



 Breezy today and this morning it remains fair and dry across East Anglia, much of the Midlands and south east England. Cloudy and damp across the rest of Britain with light rain. To the north some light rain will persist. In the sunnier south east it becomes warm. A lot of cloud to come tonight with showers for western Scotland and occasional storms across northern England and Wales. Highs of 14 to 23C.

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